NNG University offers a variety of Business and Nutrition courses that will allow the student to acquire knowledge in order to progress as an entrepreneur and/or to achieve optimal wellness.

With more than 20 years of experience in more than 15 industries, the Business courses aim to stimulate the individuals who seek to hone in on becoming a strategic entrepreneur.

After losing more than 80 lbs and reversing over 10 illnesses including Diabetes, Bipolar Disorder, Dysmenorrhea, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome - the Nutrition courses provide essentials that are valuable to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The targeted audience for NNG University consists of:

Business Courses: pre-venture, start-up and existing entrepreneurs for small to mid-size companies and corporations.

Nutrition Courses: individuals aiming to prevent chronic illnesses, decrease obesity and increase life longevity.

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"What you put in and/or on your body determines your path to the REAL Fountain of Youth!"

- Brittany Walker

Ready to Elevate?!

NNG University offers courses to aid in defining your purpose, managing your operations and sharpening essential entrepreneurial skills such as discipline, time management, customer service and emotional intelligence.

Too many great choices to choose from?! Select one of our bundle options that will provide you with what all you are looking for.

Hi, I am Brittany Walker - Founder of NNG University!

NNG = New Nation Goddess as I am here to serve POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PEACEFUL strategies to the "New Nation."

I am an Entrepreneurial Consulting Expert, Plant-Based Nutritionist and former Biology Professor who LOVES to educate and serve others! Each one of our courses have been handcrafted to elevate you whether in Business or Nutrition. Deep dive into factors that are essential for progressing to your highest frequency! This includes seeking true FREEDOM through your PURPOSE while acquiring generational wealth. Let us know your feedback and how we can better serve you.